What makes LoCode different than other navigation and chat applications?

LoCode instantly provides a unique patented code that can be used to find and track progress to a precise location anywhere in the planet!

No address required! All you need is your smartphone.
Manage your locations
Create a LoCode of any location to share with friends. Send and receive a group of LoCodes to any person or group. Give a custom name to your LoCode.
Receive live updates
Track you and your friend's journey to a single LoCode. Receive updates about when they will arrive!
Chat along the way
Tap on any user or LoCode to start a conversation about your LoCode location. Keep the conversation going as you travel!
Send emergency LoCodes
You never know when you are going to need help right away. Configure your emergency LoCode contacts so you can send out a call for help -- immediately!
Create your own groups
Create a group based on a common interest and add your group's favorite LoCode locations. Share new LoCodes with the entire group of people. Chat with your group as you travel!

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